So, you may or may not have noticed, there has been a slight change to the website. If you look up at the title, you may notice there are two names listed, not just one.

Yup, somehow I’ve weaseled my way in and became a co-writer. At first I was the silent helper, but I think we both realized it was a little more when I started plotting out the strips with Bill. Obviously, I’ve written the funny ones. If you didn’t laugh, it was probably Bill’s fault.

And I want to thank everyone who’s been reading the strip. The numbers have been slowly inching up and we appreciate every bit of it. Please, tell your friends, write us emails, follow us on twitter, just give us love. We’re needy.

And you can also see both of us at the WildPig Comic Con in NJ on September 18th & 19th. You’ll be hearing lots and lots about this show over the next few weeks. Bill will be doing sketches all weekend and I’ll be running around ringing up your purchases. Did I mention it’s a huge sale where every things 50% off. And lots of awesome artists will be there. It’s going to be epic!

Love Dani