This strip is sorta based on a true story.

I’ll take you on a trip down memory lane. The characters of Jason, Todd and Robyn were based on real people in our lives when they were first written years ago, in the now defunct Silver Rage strip. Years later, the characters have evolved to be their own people, but occasionally you’ll see their real life counterpart pop in.

The character of Gavin is based on our good friend, Bill’s BFF, Myke. In real life, Myke is a wrestler, who used to wrestle under the name GQ Gavin Quest, hence the name Gavin. When writing Gavin, it’s Myke through and through. I have a feeling as the character of Gavin evolves, we will always have Myke’s voice in our head. So of course when the strip idea came around to see Todd and Gavin hanging out, we had to include this.

Bill’s mom once made us all peanut butter and banana sandwiches one night, when we were hungry. It was a funny image, all of us in our 20s, sitting around a table like we were 5 years old, eating sandwiches, drinking milk and then having cookies for dessert. it was truly a fun evening and worked well as an inspiration for this strip.

I’m now sending Bill and Myke out this week to go do stupid stuff for more comic ideas.