So, the Wild Pig Con was just a blast. Dani and I got to hang out with Chris Eberle, our good friends Ryan and Dan, all our friends from our own little circle, and the guys at Comic Geek Speak. Of course, there was sitting next to Danielle Corsetto and Erica Hesse. Finally, we met a bunch of great artists, like Ross Scott and Ian Glaubinger.

On to the sketches!

First up, Dan (mentioned above) asked me to draw in his Robin sketchbook. This is the “Homoerotic Batman” sketch that Chris was exclaiming about as he bounded over during my CGS Interview. He also got a Superman/Spiderman sketch for a friend which I think turned out quite well.

Next up were a couple of great kids, Jackson and Colin, who were obviously HUGE Star Wars fans. Colin got a Luke Skywalker in his Jedi outfit, while Jackson broke away from his Lucas roots and got a Superman Flying sketch.

John, Iris, James and I had a nice long conversation at my booth. We talked about Doctor Who, webcomics, and much more. John asked for a Dalek sketch, so I delivered a Dalek invasion (Like the end of Season 2!). I did this Chris Eccleston as the 9th Doctor for Iris, and, breaking the stride, James got this Emperor Starscream. I learned that day that Emperor Starscream is exactly like regular Starscream, except that he’s an emperor.

Luis was kind enough to send me a scan of the Spider-Man sketch that I did for him. I think I can only draw Spidey properly if its for somebody else. Thanks for the first page in the book, Luis!

More Doctor Who love from Kyle, who asked for a Dalek in a pimp hat. There were alot of Dalek sketches this weekend… and I loved every single one of them.

Finally, my sister Catie asked for a picture of Bone, as the kids in her class love the comic.

All in all, this last weekend was a blast.