I hope everybody else had as nice a Memorial Day weekend as I did.

A big thanks to Danielle Corsetto of Girls with Slingshots for being her usual awesome self and linking me on Twitter, and welcome anybody who is visiting the site for that reason. I hope you love every second of it. Also, for the record, Danielle Corsetto and the Danielle whom I am dating are two different Danielles. I do, however, owe both of them a great deal for the inspiration and support they’ve given me for this strip. All New Issues is a comic brought to you by Danielles, and is quite likely to remain so for its duration.

I’d also like to extend the same thanks for the Facebook linkings to James Hatton of In His Likeness.

Robyn’s current joblessness is actually inspired by the problems that my girlfriend Danielle (henceforth referred to as Dani, as it is her name and will avoid confusion) has had as a graphic designer; namely, its hard to find work as a graphic designer. Despite the fact that she’s exceptionally talented and dedicated, the field seems to be growing smaller and even good designers end up jobless. One of the major themes of All New Issues being finding oneself poor/jobless, and Robyn having deep parallels to Dani from way back, this seemed like a natural match.

Stay good ’til Thursday.