I had a good week.

Ok, I think I’d better do some fast-talkin’ about this particular comic. I… tried something. Well, I tried many somethings, new tips and tricks from my too short but always spectacular time in West Virginia. But the reason this strip looks so weird in particular is I tried to ink it with the brush pen.

That did not work. Thursday’s looks nicer.

I shan’t try it again.

While Dani and I were visiting Corsetto (and the plucky young Jessi), we had the good fortune to attend a local artist album release at the infamous Meck. Guitar and banjo duo Bob Keel and Chelsea McBee debuted their album (conveniently titled “Bob Keel and Chelsea Mcnee”… either that, or its untitled, and me, terribly confused). I am particularly partial to Old Dog New Trick and Don’t Close Your Eyes.