Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

This is your last chance to hear all about how we’ll be in Somerset,
NJ this weekend for the Wild Pig Con. We’re all geared up and ready to
go. Bill will be selling sketch cards, doing commissions and we have
some awesome Dr Who buttons. Plus, over 60,000 50 cent comics and
trades for 50% off. If you like comics, this is where you have to go.
I know I’ll be coming home with a giant stack of trades.

And I think everyone should give Bill a little love in the comment
section. I made the strip double sized today, so he stayed up late to
make sure that you guys had a strip to enjoy. Sorry sweetie. But I’m
sure it looks awesome. (as I’m writing this, I still haven’t seen the
finished product. I was in bed sleeping, cause I get cranky.)

Oh, and one more thing. Just a thought. What would you guys think
about the strip going three times a week instead of two? Yay, Nay, or
in between. Give it a little ponder.

Have a great weekend guys, and we’ll see you on Tuesday.

love dani