Dani forgot to write a blog post! Ah, I forgive her. She did a huge amount of work, mostly in preparation for shipping out all these books and incentives you might have heard us talking about over the past couple months. But, in the interest of revenge, please tweet “Bill is very disappointed” to her. Mwa ha ha.

The Super Wildpig Show is this weekend! You can STILL get your tickets early, so click this link to find out more! It’s going to be an incredible convention, and just a ton of fun.

Ah, but isn’t it always the way? There’s a catch. Because Dani and I are far more involved in the preparation for this convention than other shows, it’s going to be eating up our weekend. If humanly possible, we’ll be posting a strip on Monday, but just in case, we’re calling it now:

Next week, ANI will update on Tuesday instead of Monday.

The normal schedule will resume on Wednesday. I realize we’ve been putting up a lot of filler strips lately, and I’d rather get back in the habit of not just regular updates, but having those strips be relevant to the storyline. You’ve all been so patient while we’ve been putting out the book, and I want to reward that patience.

Until Friday,