Bill Watterson is one of my oldest influences. I know that’s true for many, many people, but when I saw the opportunity to make a Selina strip in the Calvin & Hobbes style, I had to go for it. The Selina strips have been a wonderful excuse for me to play with other styles of art, in this case, going back to one of my childhood heroes.

Alright, everybody! We’re hitting the home stretch on the Kickstarter! Right now, if you click on the widget to the right ===> and pre-order the book with a pledge of $20 or more, you’ll automatically get whatever you pledge for, PLUS an exclusive thank-you card, PLUS a set of full-color sketchcards of the cast page art!


If we reach $6000 over the course of the next couple days, we’ll ALSO throw in a set of buttons featuring the characters!

The book has been finished and sent to the printer, and if all goes well, we’ll be fully stocked at The Super Wild Pig show in less than a month. This is very, very exciting.

- Bill