Longest. Blog. Ever.


First things first, Bill and I are going to be at Intervention Con on
Saturday and Sunday in Maryland this weekend. This is sorta a last
minute trip. We had been wanting to go to this show, but the artist
alley was filled. Last week we were offered a table, but we had to
decline. I have a second job that I work every other Saturday, and
wasn’t sure if I could get off.

Fortunately, my fellow co-worker was able to switch with me, and now
we’ll be heading down to Maryland early Saturday morning. Even though
we don’t have a table, we will be hanging out with our friends at the
Cosplay Burlesque table. We’ll have some buttons and Bill will be
doing sketches all weekend long if you want one. We’re really just
excited to go and hang out with some friends we haven’t seen in
awhile. And of course, see the guys and girls of Cosplay Burlesque.

On another note. Some of you comic fans might be aware of this whole
new DC Universe relaunch that is going on. For those of you who don’t
know, DC comics has restarted their whole line of comics with 52 new
#1s. It’s their way of trying to bring in new readers.

I’ve never been a huge DC fan. In the past I’ve dabbled in some Batman
books here and there and the periphery titles, but that’s about it.
When DC announced they were doing this, I decided I was going to try
out all 52 titles. I mean, why not. Maybe I’d enjoy one and get to add
a new title to my list of reading. And the best part, it was going
digital day and date. That meant, it was being released digitally on
the same day that the book was being released in stores. That might
not seem like a big deal, but it hasn’t really been done that much in
the comic industry.

(Now, I completely disagree on the price point, same as cover price or
a dollar cheaper a month later. But I feel it’s a step in the right

Which brings me to my point. I thought I’d give my views on each title
that came out in the first week of September. I’m totally going to
steal from my pals at Comic Geek Speak and use their rating system.
The choices are, Buy, Borrow, or Pants. Which I think are pretty self
explanatory. Buy, you’d buy the book again. Borrow, you’d read the
next issue if you borrowed it from a friend. And Pants, you aren’t
reading another issue.

So, in no particular order, Dani’s reviews of 52:

Batwing- Buy
I liked this book. I don’t know much about this whole Batman Inc that
happened, but I dug this concept. I wasn’t even weirded out by the
idea of another Batman like I thought I would be.

Justice League International- Buy
I dug this book more then I thought I would. I actually thought I’d
hate it. But there was something quirky and fun about it that I think
I would pick this title up digitally. (After this round, all single
issues will be read digitally on the theoretical iPad I’ll buy myself

Men of War- Pants
Now, don’t get me wrong. There wasn’t anything wrong with this book,
just not my cup of tea. I have no interest in war stories, so there’s
really nothing that’s going to get me to read it. If you dig war
stories, check it out. You’ll probably enjoy it.

Stormwatch- Buy! Buy! Buy!
I’ll be buying this in trade for my bookshelf. I totally dug the hell
out of this book. I keep yelling at Bill to read it because I’m pretty
sure he’s going to love it too. So good. Read it!

OMAC- Pants
I didn’t’ like it. I really didn’t like it at all. It’s just not a
book for me. I know there are people digging on it for the Jack Kirby
vibe, but personally, it did nothing for me.

Static Shock- Borrow
It was fun, but it didn’t blow me away. If someone had the trade lying
around, I’d probably give it a read. But I wouldn’t pay money for it.
But if you want to dig on a Spider-Manesque character in the DCU, give
it a shot.

Animal Man- Borrow/Buy
Not sure where I fall on this one. I might buy the next issue
digitally to see where it goes. I liked it. It was creepy. But I’m not
sure if I really want to spend money on it.

Justice League- Borrow
It’s the JLA. It’s a team book. It’s fun, but nothing that makes me
go, must buy this book.

Swamp Thing- Borrow
I’d read it if it was lying around. I barely remember the story at
this point. I remember it being kinda confusing. But I don’t remember
hating it.

Action Comics- Borrow/Pants
I’ll admit. I didn’t really care for this book. I didn’t hate it, but
it didn’t wow me over like it did other people. I kinda went meh.

Green Arrow- Pants
I didn’t like this book, at all.

Detective Comics- Borrow
It was good. It was creepy. And it was much better then I thought it’d
be. But, I didn’t care enough about it to spend money on it next

Batgirl- Buy
It’s Babs. She’s Batgirl. I’m going to buy it. This one was the
hardest to let go of continuity though. I love Barbra as Oracle. I
fell in love with her in Birds of Prey and I’m a total shipper for the
Babs/Dick romance. So, I’ll stick with it. I love Gail Simone and I
love Barbara.

Hawk and Dove- Pants
I’m sorry. I could barely make it through the whole issue. It was just bad.
(I didn’t get past the Liefeld cover. – Bill)

And that’s my insanely long blog post to end all blog posts. Let me
know if you want more Dani reviews.

– Dani